SECD online resources are ideal for remote or in-person learning and can be used in a variety of ways:

For your own professional development, by delving into a variety of early years topics. See Tip sheet – How to get started with BC SECD access to learn how to zero in on the topics you want to explore.

For new staff member orientation, by using SECD for self-study to provide an orientation and essential information, see Using SECD Child Development Primer for Staff Orientation

Orientation du personnel à l’aide de l’Introduction au développement de l’enfant de la SECD

For staff training, by selecting topics to encourage critical thinking and discussion. For suggestions for early learning and child care professionals, see Using SECD Resources for Professional Development for Early Childhood Professionals. For suggestions for health care providers, see Using SECD Resources for Professional Development for Health Care Providers. Note: while  these documents outline plans for group learning, you can easily adapt it for remote or individual learning – for example, have individuals review selected material on their own and then discuss with others in a virtual/online meeting forum.

For online teaching, by having students access the resources as their “textbook.” For tips and suggestions, see Using SECD as a learner resource. This is an excerpt from the SECD Facilitator Guide below.

For parent education, by sharing information and showing the video examples to parents/clients, see Using SECD for Parent Education (Expanded March 2021, now includes suggestions for PRENATAL parent education). Note: while this document outlines plans for group learning, you can instead share the content suggestions with parents to explore on their own.

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Tip sheet – How to get started with BC SECD access

Feuille de conseils – Comment avoir accès au portail du British Columbia pour la Science of Early Child Development

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(Revised June 2020, based on APA 7th ed. and with revised authorship)

Are you using SECD for teaching /presenting?

Integrating SECD into ECE and early years courses

Integrating SECD Prenatal Module into nursing and health courses

SECD Facilitator Guide – British Columbia – Updated April 2021

See page 26 in the Facilitator Guide for tips on Using SECD for online sessions

Using SECD in face-to-face sessions

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British Columbia SECD Open Access Information Card

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