Access to the Science of Early Child Development (SECD) resources has been funded by the  government of British Columbia for residents of BC. In order to access them you must do so from a computer or device located in BC. Non-BC residents can learn more about the Science of Early Child Development, including a free preview and how to access Science of Early Child Development resources, by vising the SECD website:

Accessing Science of ECD

Gaining access to the SECD modules is simply a matter of clicking on any of the module links on the home page. However, the first time you click to enter one of the resources your browser will display an alert box asking your permission to share your location using geolocation, a function in modern web browsers that can identify a general geographic location. Click affirmative to the alert box prompt on your first visit and that is it, you are in. As long as you use the same computer or web device you should not need to confirm your location again.

The alert prompt will look different depending which device and browser you are using. However, the samples below will give you an idea of what to expect:

Frequently Asked Questions

I am in British Columbia but this site tells me I’m not. What’s the problem?

As described above, the SECD BC Access uses “geolocation” to determine whether the device you are on is located in British Columbia. Sometimes a device or browser misidentifies the location.Instructions on how to improve your device’s location accuracy for Google maps can be found on  Find and improve your location’s accuracy.If you continue to have trouble please contact us at

Why can’t I access Science of Early Child Development outside of BC?

Although SECD is not a profit making venture, it does cost money to develop, maintain, and stay current. The government of British Columbia funded access to SECD on behalf of the residents of BC. Non-BC residents may preview the resources or purchase access at

Do I need to register or create a password to use SECD resource?

No. If you visit SECD through this BC Access site you will only need to allow your browser to confirm your location is within British Columbia using geolocation. No username or password is required.

Do I need to go through the geolocation process everytime I go into SECD?

No. You only need to confirm your location the first time you access the site using any particular computer or web device. If you use a different device, or a different browser, or if you clear your browser cache, you will be prompted to confirm your location again.

How precise is my location information and what are you going to do with it?

Geolocation is only used to confirm that you are accessing SECD from within BC. It will not identify your exact address and is not shared with anyone. For complete privacy details please visit our Privacy & Security Policy page.

How should I handle citations and references to the SECD material?

The Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.) was used as a guide to create this Suggested citations document (NEW, June 2020, revised authorship) with suggestions for citing SECD material.

Can I use SECD for staff training and orientation? Can I use SECD to teach classes and workshops?

Absolutely. For suggestions, visit the Tools and Tip Sheets page and peruse the resources.

Need help or have questions? Email us at