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The Science of Early Child Development (SECD) is a knowledge translation and mobilization initiative designed to make current research accessible to anyone interested in learning more about the impact of early experience on lifelong health and well-being.



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  • Brain Development

    Discover how genetics and early environments interact to shape children’s development and influence them throughout life.

  • Coping & Competence

    Explore how children develop from complete dependency to being able to cope with the world around them, relate to others, manage life’s challenges and regulate their behaviour.

  • Communicating & Learning

    Understand how children think and learn. Delve into exciting research on early language development, literacy, numeracy and the importance of play in learning.

  • The Ecology of Childhood

    Examine the contexts of children's experiences around the world. Consider children's rights and what makes communities child-friendly.

  • Developmental Health

    Gain insight into why early years have such a long-term impact on both individuals and societies; learn how to use this information to advocate for children and families.

  • Index of Topics

    View the SECD - North American Edition's clickable list of topics.


About Science of Early Child Development

The resources above are part of the Science of Early Child Development (SECD) project. SECD resources bring research and concepts to life with hundreds of readings, videos, links, questions for reflection, and interactive activities. From the latest research into babies' brain development and the impact of early experience on well-being, to topics such as child rights, literacy and the importance of play, SECD explores how nature and nurture interact from conception on to construct a foundation for development.
SECD materials are used around the world for post-secondary education, professional development, parent education workshops and staff training.